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For Whom is the conference?

  • To all first line veterinarians

    who deal with perioperative patients

  • To all veterinary

    analgesia and anaesthesia specialists

  • To all orthopedic surgeons

    and veterinary anesthesiologists

  • To all who encounter

    emergency in their work

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What will you learn?

How to get clinically important information with ultrasound when planning a surgery

How to monitor your patients with ultrasound after a surgery

How to improve the effectiveness of a respiratory distressed patients diagnostics

How screening ultrasound examination may help you in capturing cases like for example: pulmonary hypertension or left atrium rupture

How your patient will benefit from loco-regional anaesthesia

What equipment do you need to start offering the loco-regional anaesthesia in our practice

How to perform the ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks of the forelimb and hindlimb

How and when to use the intra-fascial / compartmental blocks